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T Type Sign Holder

  • 產品名稱: T Type Sign Holder
  • 產品分類: Sign Holders
  • 型號規格: holders
  • 產品用途: holders
  • 添加時間: 2019-03-20

Our double sided acrylic sign holder will securely stand by itself on any desktop, tabletop, 

or any flat surface. Our base is 33% wider than most of the competitors to provide a reliable

accessory for all your signage needs。

T-Style Sign Holders: Holds two sheets back-to-back or one two-sided sheet. Easy top-loading.

HIGH QUALITY: Made from high quality crystalclear acrylic with polished edges. We use cast acrylic

on all of ourproducts because it has been proven to be stronger, more durable, anddoes not turn 

yellow like some of the cheaper imitations.

MULTIPLE USES: Our T-shaped acrylic signholders are perfect for both home and professional use. 

Use them in restaurants, trade shows, reception areas, schools, weddings, fairs, and so much more.

EASY TO MAINTAIN: Easily load or swapout your photos or documents.

We have many type holders for your selection:

T shape bottom loading(without magetics), L shape, Slanted holders, Name holders and so on.

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T Type Sign Holder產品熱銷城市:山東,河南,北京,天津,河北
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