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Acrylic Photo Frame

  • 產品名稱: Acrylic Photo Frame
  • 產品分類: Photo Frame
  • 型號規格: photo frame
  • 產品用途: photo frame
  • 添加時間: 2019-03-20

Tabletop Magnetic Acrylic Photo Frame/Picture Frame

The photo frame provides a quick and easy way to display and share
your memories. The clear picture frame is made of two thick panels of 
super clear acrylic which are held together by four strong magnets.
Photos are sandwiched securely between the panels and are easy to
change. Two back-to-back pictures can be viewed from both sides. 
Good at home or the office.

1.  good shape, not fragile

2.  easy to change pictures

3.  easy to clean

4.  made to order size

5.  two or four magnetics avaliable.

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Acrylic Photo Frame產品熱銷城市:山東,河南,北京,天津,河北
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