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Silver Mirror Acrylic Plate

  • 產品名稱: Silver Mirror Acrylic Plate
  • 產品分類: Mrirror Acrylic Plate
  • 型號規格: mirror series
  • 產品用途: advertising plastic plate
  • 添加時間: 2019-03-20

Our gold mirror acrylic sheet and silver mirror acrylic sheet are a high quality product developed for

architectural and signage applications where beuatiful aesthetics are imperative. Gold & Silver mirror 

acrylic is ideal for signage with a WOW factor. The sheets are made up of an acrylic sheet with a 

mirror laminate at the back, creating that stunning mirror reflective finish.

The silver mirror acrylic is ideal as a glass replacement (where the mirror reflection does not need to

be as precise as glass mirror) given it is safer and lighter weight.

Gold Mirror and Silver Mirror Acrylic Sheet Applications:


Retail shopfitting


Sports facilities

Feature walls

Interior cladding

Other interior design applications

We also do custom cut to size gold and silver mirror acrylic sheets.

We offer engraving services on mirror acrylic sheet.

Sizes avaliable: 1220*1830mm, 1220*2440mm

Thickness range: 1.0-8.0mm.

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Silver Mirror Acrylic Plate產品熱銷城市:山東,河南,北京,天津,河北
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